7 Simple Steps on How to Deep Clean your Kitchen

deep cleaning

Your kitchen is one of the most critical parts of your home or restaurant. It is where you prepare food, meaning it should be perfectly clean. Besides, if you have a modern home, it may also act as a good place for you to rest with guests or family members.  It can be a daunting task to perform a thorough cleaning of your kitchen either at home or in your restaurant. If you have the right skills and time, you can perform a DIY cleaning, but you can also hire a kitchen cleaning service to help. No matter how you decide to deep clean the kitchen, there are certain things you should do to ensure that everything is done right and your kitchen is sparkling clean. Below are some six simple steps of cleaning your kitchen.

How to Deep Clean your Kitchen

1. Gather all cleaning essentials

Like when you are cleaning other parts of your home, the first thing to do when cleaning your kitchen is to gather all the cleaning essentials you need. This saves you the time of having to look for them when you have already begun the cleaning job. Some of the most critical essentials include; an all-purpose cleaner, powdered scrub, a long handle brush, dish soap, vinegar, dusting mitt, microfiber mop, vacuum, steam cleaner, and baking soda. Besides, it would help if you had enough bin bags to ensure everything is in order.  For better cleaning, try to have green kitchen cleaners that are friendly to the environment.

2. Quick tidying

Before you begin officially deep cleaning the kitchen, take sometimes to remove the items that do not belong to the kitchen and put them in a basket or bin. Clear all the counters by placing all the items into the cupboard if there is space. If you are cleaning the entire kitchen, you can take everything on the dining table, to ensure they do not hinder thorough cleaning.  It may take some of your time to remove such items, but in the long end, they will save you ample time when doing the real deep cleaning work.  Note that this is just a quick tidying whereby you want to remove everything to make the kitchen cleaning work easier.

3. Wipe light fixtures and cabinet tops

It would be best if you wiped all the light fixtures using vinegar spray and water. If there are bulbs that require changing, do so. In case you have shorter cabinets, you should clean their tops. Make use of a duster, or a handheld vacuum to clean the cabinet tops to get rid of all loose particles and dust. Spray using an all-purpose cleaner and then wipe down.  In case your kitchen accumulates excess dust, it is advisable to place a wax paper on the tops, so that you change the wax paper when it requires deep cleaning.  While still at the top, check the ceiling edges, corners and remove the cobwebs.

4. Windows and surface cleaning

Remove and clean the window treatments. Dust all the blinds and wipe down all dust that may be on them.  Clean all the windows by using a window cloth and all vinegar to make them cleaner. Open all the windows and do not forget to clean the window tracks.  Your restaurant cleaning service Vancouver may also steam clean the window tracks for quick and perfect results.  For surface kitchen cleaning, you need to work from the top down, clean all the cupboard doors, backsplash, walls, knobs, light switches, faucets, counters, among others.  Make use of a microfiber polishing cloth and water to make all the shiny surfaces polished. Once you are done cleaning the counters, wipe down and put back all items onto the kitchen counter.

6. Sink and appliances

Clean the kitchen sink using water and vinegar. Clean the drain using a toothbrush and around the garbage disposal rim. In case you have a square kitchen sink, the toothbrush helps you access all the little corners. You can then polish using a polishing cloth.

After cleaning the sink, move out all kitchen appliances, sweep or vacuum area behind them.  Clean the garbage disposal, dishwasher, microwave and oven as required. A good restaurant cleaning service uses a steam cleaner to ensure that the appliances are perfectly cleaned.

7. Cleaning the kitchen flooring

Now it is time to clean the kitchen flooring. You can vacuum or sweep the floor. Mop the floors or spot clean them as required. Make sure you reach all the corners of your kitchen floor to make it perfectly clean.  After the floor is dry, you can then get back all the appliances and items into their respective place.