5 Cleaning Strategies to Keep Your Windows Sparkling

Window Cleaning Job make your Full House with Sparkling Windows

Keeping any room, office, restaurant or general commercial space looking clean at all times is always a positive for any business. Clients, patrons and potential customers often get their first impression about a place based on its appearance. One of the best ways to make a good first impression, and to maintain a positive, clean and inviting appearance at your commercial property is to pay close attention to the state of your windows.


Windows, like most glass surfaces, require regular, thorough cleaning both inside and out. That is because windows tend to display more dirt, streaks and smudges compared to other surfaces. While clean windows often make a positive impression, windows covered in dirt, smudges or streaks from inadequate cleaning or water droplets stand out like a sore thumb. Even if the rest of your premises is spotless, a dirty window can make it seem like you haven’t cleaned at all. To help you make a good impression with clean, streak-free, sparkling windows, take a look at the 5 helpful window cleaning tips listed below.

5 Tips For Your Window Cleaning

Avoid Direct Sunlight

When it comes to windows, most people enjoy seeing a bright, beautiful ray of sunshine beaming through their windows bringing natural lighting indoors. While direct sunlight through a clean window is great, it makes for difficult cleaning conditions. While cleaning your windows it is important to avoid letting any drips or spots dry before you can wipe them away. These streaks and spots can remain on your window even after cleaning, making it look like you didn’t do a very good job of wiping the window down. To avoid having these streaks and spots dry on the window surface it is best to avoid cleaning windows when they are exposed to direct sunlight. Try tackling your window cleaning on a cool, overcast day where rain isn’t in the forecast.


Use Effective Cleaners

Windows are prone to gathering dirt and dust that requires a few cleaning solutions to ensure they are removed completely. While there are plenty of expensive cleaners available from your local stores which are formulated for window cleaning, you can save some money and a trip to the store by using the following cleaning solutions on your windows. Start with a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid detergent in a bucket of warm water. Make sure to keep from churning up too many bubbles, as the soap can leave a thin film on the window. Once you’ve wiped down the windows with this soap solution, you can start wiping down the window with a solution of 50% water and 50% white vinegar.


Use Proper Cleaning Technique

Each type of window may require a more specialized approach to cleaning if you want to meet commercial cleaning standards. Using the cleaning solutions described above, and follow these instructions for cleaning the corresponding windows.


Multi-paned Windows: Remove dirt and dust from the corners of each window pane with the detergent and water solution and a sponge. Next, spray the window with vinegar and water solution and remove it with a squeegee in one motion. Wipe down excess drips after each stroke. Repeat for each pane of window glass.


Large Picture Windows: Wipe off vinegar and water solution with squeegee and a lint-free cloth to avoid streaks. Start a the top corner of the window and wipe down, removing streaks as you go. After the window is clean and streak-free, wipe down the corners with a damp chamois cloth.


Clean Your Screens

As you wipe down each window, you should be removing and cleaning your window screens as well. Failing to do so will cause your windows to continue to look dirty, despite the clean glass. Cleaning screens is fairly simple with a light brush and a hose for rinsing. Simply brush off any large debris and dirt using the light brush and the dish detergent cleaning solution. Then rinse each screen thoroughly with the hose. Before replacing the screen, make sure it is completely dry, otherwise, you might end up with water droplets on the window that cause streaks.


Prevent Frequent Dirt and Dust Buildup

Once your windows are clean and dry, there are a few hand ways to keep them looking at their clean and sparkling best for longer. If you have blinds or shutters for your window, try spraying them with anti-static spray to keep the dust from accumulating and dirtying up the window and the panes. You can also try wiping a thin coating of floor wax on the window sill to keep dirt and dust from settling at the bottom of the window. This won’t keep the windows clean forever, but you’ll likely have a lot less cleaning to do the next time you tackle this project.


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