How to Clean a Fabric Office Chair?

Properly clean your fabric office chair to get rid of dust

Office cleaning tips of any kind can be useful. While many people usually focus on areas like bathrooms and kitchens that receive regular use, there is one item that often gets overlooked. Despite the fact that we use them each day, fabric office chairs often go long periods of time without being cleaned. Due to regular use, fabric office chairs can attract dirt, lint, food spills and other stains on a regular basis. The good news is, with regular cleaning using a typical foam upholstery cleaner, your office chairs can be stain-free at all times. Clean chairs can leave a good impression on those who visit your office, and your own staff will be able to take more pride in their workspace as well. To help you keep your fabric office chairs looking their best at all times, take a look at our how-to guide for office chair cleaning below.

 5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Fabric Office Chair

1. Dust, Dry Dirt removal

Before using any cleaner or foam spray, you need to remove the dry dust and debris from the surface of the chair. Vacuuming the surface of the chair will accomplish this, and you will also make it easier for the cleaner to penetrate the fabric to remove any deeper stains or odours.


2. Foam Spray

Take your upholstery cleaner and apply an even amount on all the fabric on the chair. You then need to sit and wait for a few moments while the foam cleaner does its work within the upholstery. Usually, the product itself will indicate how long you need to leave the cleaner on the surface before wiping it away.


3. Scrubbing

Once the foam upholstery cleaner is set in, you can use a regular soft bristles scrub brush to start wiping away dirt and stains that have been lifted by the foam cleaner. Although the cleaner should make it easier, there may still be some stains that require extra scrubbing to remove them completely. Once you have scrubbed off the stains and the cleaner with them, you’ll need to let the chair dry.


4. Second Vacuum

After the chair has had a chance to dry off, you can use your vacuum again to clean away any excess dirt lifted by the foam cleaner. Sometimes you will have to wait longer for the chair to dry unless you use a quick-drying cleaner. These days most foam cleaners will take about 10 to 15 minutes to dry completely, depending on the humidity levels in the office.


5. Solid Surfaces

Now that the upholstery is looking clean and stain-free, you can focus on any solid surfaces on the chair. Usually, these areas are far easier to clean with a simple cloth and all-purpose cleaner. For more difficult stains caused by ink, you may need a more abrasive tool than just a cloth, but this final wipe down of the chair shouldn’t take too long at all.


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