How Much Does Commercial Window Cleaning Cost in Vancouver?

window cleaning company can help you clean your office or buildings window in Vancouver

If you are the occupant of a commercial building, then you understand firsthand how important it is to keep your windows clean. However, it can be hard to know how much to budget for commercial window cleaning. In this article, we will go over the average cost of commercial window cleaning services in Vancouver as well as the things that factor into this cost.


First thing first — let’s talk numbers. Although it may seem strange to those who are unfamiliar with window washing, it is industry standard to quote prices per window pane. If we are talking price per window pane, you can expect that the average job in Vancouver will set your company back anywhere between $5 and $18 per frame.


What Goes Into Commercial Window Cleaning?

When you pay to have your windows commercially cleaned, you are paying for more than just a shiny piece of glass. Commercial window cleaners are professionals who have experience working on buildings with hard-to-reach angles and large amounts of windows. They will come with their own professional-grade cleaning supplies and products and will provide a deep clean that will leave your windows looking refreshed for years to come.


Why Invest in Window Washing?

It may be tempting to forgo the cost of window washing, but windows are one of the most important ways that commercial buildings can send a message to customers. Even if you do not serve customers directly at your commercial location, you may still see clients or investors at your headquarters. As the windows are likely the first things that they will notice about your building, it is very important that they are always kept in pristine condition.

In addition, regularly having your windows washed is an important part of general maintenance that will increase your window’s lifespan considerably.


Can I Clean My Own Windows?

Although it may seem feasible that you could clean the windows on a commercial building by yourself, especially if you are used to cleaning the windows of your own home, it is not advisable. For one thing, commercial windows are usually at a greater height than regular residential windows, which means that special equipment and precautions must be used when accessing them. It is inadvisable and enough unsafe to undertake this by yourself.


What Kind of Businesses Rely on Commercial Window Washing?

Commercial window washing does not apply to only one type of business. Instead, it applies to all establishments that have windows but aren’t residential. Some of the most common businesses to invest in window washing include:



Restaurants want to give their customers the reassurance that their establishment is clean and put together, and it’s hard to pull this off convincingly with splattered or otherwise dirty windows. All kinds of restaurants, ranging from fast food to fine dining, make it a priority to clean their windows regularly.


Office Buildings

Not only do clean windows help to convey a sharp image to investors and visitors, but they also help to increase employees’ quality of life, as well. If you have glass offices on the interior of your business, you may want to consider having these professionally washed at the same time as your exterior windows.


Retail Stores

The window front is one of the most important places for a retail store, as this is where passersby get to look on and get intrigued by items that are for sale. A dirty retail store window would be an automatic customer deterrent, so it’s essential that retail stores invest in regular window cleanings.


Commercial Window Cleaning Company In Vancouver

Total Commercial Solutions stands out among commercial window cleaning companies in Vancouver for offering top-notch quality at a fair price. With more than two decades of experience, the professionals behind Total Commercial Solutions believe in a high standard of customer service as well as a high standard of work. Reach out to us today to receive a competitive rate estimated for your job!

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