Why Do We Do Spring Cleaning in Vancouver?

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Spring is just around the corner, with warmer temps and longer sunlight-filled days, which can mean only one thing: It’s spring – cleaning time! More than just a clean home, a deep clean provides an abundance of benefits both physically and psychologically.


What is Spring Cleaning?

For many Vancouverites who have immigrated from different parts of the world, it may be shocking to experience all four seasons and how different cleaning techniques and needs are for such varied climates. Spring-cleaning usually entails a deep clean of all the nooks and crannies which have been overlooked and neglected during your weekly cleanings.

Although some feel that cleaning as you go is a great way to stay on top of the mess, with all the rain and mud along with high winds it is inevitable that spots will be missed and may need a bit of tender love and care.


When and Why Did Spring Cleaning Become a Popular Annual Task?

Although during these times, we may not be strictly adhering to tradition, there is still a vast majority of Vancouverites who find the need to “Spring-Clean” every time March and April come around. It has been said, “Spring cleaning is not just a general cleaning, it is a tradition deeply rooted in culture, religion and even our biology.”

If we look back through several centuries, the times were so very different, spring cleaning was absolutely essential for most homeowners. Due to the lack of central heating, homes were kept shut tight during the winter months. Homes were warmed by wood, coal or oil. Many even had to rely on candles to see at night. Thus, over the course of winter, houses would accumulate an extensive amount of soot, oil, dust and smell resulting from these heating and lighting methods. With Spring’s arrival, along with the light of the sun, the build-up on the walls, ceilings, windows, mirrors and furniture was very visible.

Another strong drive to clean during the beginning of spring also has strong ties to a few favoured religions and time-honoured cultures; For instance, during the Passover- a traditional Jewish custom, March or April is welcomed by a general cleaning of the home to remove traces of yeast, or if we look at Christianity, some sectors partake in a ritual cleaning before lent. Additionally, Iranian and Chinese culture also has a tradition to sweep away the old allowing space for the new year to bring new luck and fortune.


Spring Cleaning Tips:

  1. Break-down the work into manageable steps
  2. Prioritize places where moisture might build-up more quickly
  3. Remove allergens
  4. Decide and organize what to donate and what to throw away.
  5. Make a checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything


What Are The Benefits of Spring Cleaning?

I don’t know about you, but when we have finished cleaning a room or even the overflowing pile of dishes, we get a smile on our faces. It is pleasing to finish such a daunting task. Think about your home undergoing a deep clean; How satisfying it is. If you hire a professional cleaning company, even better we say. You get to walk into your clutter-free, fresh scented and rejuvenated space. My mother always said, “a clutter-free space makes for a clutter-free mind.”

Another great benefit is getting to help others while being productive. Whether you decide to take photos and post your unwanted items for sale or donate those outfits at the back of your closet that you haven’t worn for a few years, you are organizing your home and doing a good deed; leaving yourself open for the new and positive vibes to come your way.

Finally, doing a Spring-cleaning is a great time to verify that your house is the safest it can be. Take the time to do a closer inspection in each room to identify any potential hazards such as tripping risks, loose handrails, broken tiles and locks. Check those smoke alarms, the expiry date on your fire extinguishers as well as a refresher on how to use them.

Overall, Spring-cleaning is a time to declutter, organize, clean and ensure that the rest of your year goes on without a hitch.

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