Why is Building Maintenance Important?

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Your commercial building is not just an architectural structure. It’s a space that not only houses your growing business, but your staff and customers as well. To best protect your investment and the people spending time in your commercial building, regular building maintenance is crucial to a healthy, thriving work environment.

Regular property maintenance of the interior and exterior of your building can upkeep a polished aesthetic and a clean workspace. From the people to the machinery, your building’s assets can be affected if not properly kept. Regular building maintenance also increases the value of your investment and lends to its proper functioning and durability overtime.

So why should you prioritize proper maintenance of your commercial building?

1. Save Money

While many business owners fear the cost of regular building maintenance, it saves you money in the long run. Companies who own large buildings may think it’s an unnecessary, superfluous amenity, especially when their building seems to be running properly. However, consistent and proper building maintenance catches early signs of issues within the building before they escalate into large constructional projects.

Both the value of your property and the experiences of those within the space decreases when small issues are left unresolved. Overtime, this could result in less business for your company and larger costs to remedy escalated problems. Fixing a leaky roof is considerably cheaper when handled in the early stages as a cracked roofing tile is a quick fix compared to a full reroof. The cost of repair combined with the loss of revenue from interrupted business hours favours regular maintenance over emergency repair. By investing in regular maintenance work, you can ensure that your business is functioning properly and at its optimal capabilities.

2. Health Benefits for Your Assets

Factors such as daily occupant usage, varying climate conditions, and structural integrity all impact the efficiency of your building and business. A flow of foot traffic within your building will have gradual wear and tear throughout the space. The cleanliness of the space and the functioning of hardware and software (such as piping and electric), depend on regular maintenance.

Regular commercial cleaning will keep your building healthy, from the people to the technology. As commercial buildings are often subject to a heavy flow of incomers, germs, dust, and viruses come along with them. To avoid spreading illnesses throughout the building, regular cleaning will thoroughly disinfect all areas of the space. Unfortunately, non-professionals often miss these areas. This reduces the chances of employees getting and spreading illnesses, resulting in a higher level of work and decrease of sick days.

Keeping a clean, well maintained space protects the assets within the building as well. Technology and dust do not mix; therefore, regular cleanings increase the lifespan of your pricey hardware.

3. Insurance

A common aggrievance of companies is that their insurance claims are rejected due to a lack of regular maintenance checks. If an issue is the result of maintenance failure rather than an insured risk, your company won’t be covered for the repairs.

For example, at Total Commercial Solutions, we offer regular property maintenance services to commercial properties. This includes commercial cleaning, maintenance, and repair services. When maintaining your property, we inspect areas for certain issues which enables us to catch them in the early stages. If we find evidence of a leaky roof, we can investigate the source to provide fast and reliable repair services.

Should your business forego regular building maintenance, you may not notice your leak until a large storm hits. This claim would likely not be the responsibility of the storm or your insurance provider, but a fault of failing to properly maintain the property.

Avoid breaching your insurance eligibility. Instead, prove that your business has invested in regular property maintenance to avoid paying out of pocket.

What’s Next

Building maintenance in Vancouver must be prioritized. Not only because of the west coast weather but due to the heavy traffic of business professionals as well. Your property will thrive with our Total Commercial Solutions cleaning and maintenance services. We offer full janitorial maintenance including handyman services, parking lot cleaning, construction, renovations, and deep cleaning services. Get a quote today.