Clean Start to Your New Year: Ring in 2022 The Right Way

Image of floors being mopped by commercial cleaner

2022 is upon us and we’re once again gifted with a fresh start to the year. Why not celebrate with some professional commercial building cleaning services by yours truly? To ring in 2022 the right way, here are 5 ways commercial cleaning can benefit your business this year:

1. Holiday Cleanup

If you hosted your office holiday parties or had New Year’s celebrations in your commercial building, it’s probably in need of a deep cleaning service. Events and parties can leave places in severe disarray, which can be overwhelming for the hosts. However, there’s a way you can focus on the fun without stressing over the cleanup. When hiring professional cleaners, you know you’re going to have the job done right. From sanitizing common touch points to leaving every surface spotless and sparkling, our commercial building cleaning services will set your office up nicely for 2022.

2. Keep Employees Healthy

This is a big one. As we’re coming down from the busy holiday season, the weeks of merry mingling may leave some people a little worse for wear. Despite the joy of the holidays, it’s still high time to spread colds and flus. Therefore, you need to keep your employees safe and healthy with a deep cleaning service for your commercial building.

When the office is thoroughly cleaned, there’s a much lower chance of illness spreading throughout the office. A clean, safe office not only benefits your staff, but your business as well. More cleaning equals fewer sick days, resulting in higher productivity for your business.

3. Improved Productivity

Oftentimes, your office is your sanctuary. It’s a place reserved for productivity and hard work, which can be hindered should your space become messy. After all, a cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind. This year, you can maximize your clarity by prioritizing commercial building cleaning services. Try to treat office cleanliness with the same level of importance as other aspects of your business.

Not only is this beneficial to your peace of mind, but to your employees as well. Whether it’s stacks of papers, crumb covered countertops, or layers of dust on every surface, it’s only natural your staff will get distracted by the mess. However, our team of commercial cleaners can keep your entire office space looking clean and organized, so your employees can focus on their priorities.

4. More Time for Business Deals

The less time you spend cleaning, the more you’ll have to conduct business. While smaller offices may get away with a DIY cleaning schedule, this isn’t efficient for larger office spaces. Since larger commercial business tend to have more square footage, taking time out of your employees’ day to clean could severely affect their work.

To avoid distracting your employees with cleaning tasks, our commercial cleaners can come to your office outside of work hours. Not only is this more time efficient, but our team also has the equipment, products, and experience to provide a thorough cleaning, which your employees likely don’t. To leave your commercial building looking clean, smelling fresh, and feeling sanitized, reach out to the professionals!

5. Improves Company Reputation

A dirty office is no way to greet customers, clients, and potential investors. If your business can’t dedicate time and energy into maintaining a clean space, it won’t reflect well on your company. To ensure that the state of your office is set to impress, ask us about our commercial building cleaning services. We’ll help you ring in the new year with an office so clean, no one will second guess the level of care you invest into running your business.

Ready for Commercial Cleaning?

From improved productivity to a spotless reputation, our team will set your office up for success in 2022. Our company is founded on providing excellent commercial cleaning services with the highest level of customer service in the industry. Servicing Vancouver, we offer advanced solutions at a cost effective, competitive rate for businesses and homes. Reach out to our team today to have a clean start your new year.