Top 6 Benefits of Our Commercial Kitchen Deep Clean Service

Image of commercial kitchen being professionally cleaned

When it comes to deep cleaning a commercial kitchen, our team at Total Commercial Solutions does it best. From the high touch surfaces to the equipment, walls, and floors, every inch of your commercial kitchen requires diligent attention. To keep your restaurant, bar, cafeteria, and any other type of establishment in the food service industry running smoothly, here are the top 6 benefits of our deep cleaning services:

1.    Improved Working Conditions

Your employees, from head chef to sous-chef, waiter to bartender, all deserve a safe and clean working environment. A professional and thorough deep clean can achieve just this. Built up grime can be a fire hazard and slippery floors can lead to workplace injuries. To prevent accidents and lawsuits while also improving the hygiene of your commercial kitchen, regular deep cleans are crucial.

2.    Better Food Hygiene

No one wants to run the business that leaves customers with food poisoning. In combination with proper food handling, regular deep cleans can increase the level of hygiene throughout your commercial kitchen. Not only will it reduce the possibility of cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria, but a clean space is an efficient space. The organization and cleanliness of your kitchen impacts the clarity of your employees’ minds. So, if you have a grimy, cluttered kitchen, this could translate into the practices of your staff and the food your kitchen serves. Improve the cleanliness of the space and you will maximize the quality of your delicious dishes.

3.    Lower the Risk of Foodborne Diseases

If the equipment, surfaces, and machines used during food preparation aren’t cleaned regularly and thoroughly, foodborne illnesses can occur. This poses a huge threat to establishments in the food service industry. To lower your chances of spreading foodborne illnesses and reduce the spread of germs, our team can arrange regular deep cleans to maintain your kitchen’s cleanliness and sanitation.

4.    Eliminate Pests

Sure, Ratatouille had his fun on the big screen. But in reality, a rat in the kitchen is no way to draw in customers. Maintaining a high level of cleanliness throughout your establishment can lower your odds of having a pest infestation. Whether it be reducing the amount of accumulated food debris, ridding your kitchen of rotting foods, or ensuring all trash is taken outside of the building to eliminate lingering scents, proper maintenance is crucial. Even disturbing areas by moving bins, glassware, and utensils goes a long way to reduce the chance of pests building a home in the nooks and crannies of your commercial kitchen. We recommend using our deep cleaning service every 6-8 weeks with maintenance cleans in between to reduce the likelihood of a pest infestation.

5.    Follow Food and Safety Regulations

Always be ready for that persnickety food and safety evaluation with our deep cleaning service. When you run a commercial kitchen, you must ensure that your cooking environment is hygienic and compliant with certain safety regulations. To improve the safety of your food and avoid a closure of establishment, our services can help your kitchen meet these strict requirements.

6.    Saves the Staff’s Energy

Hiring a commercial cleaning service not only results in a professional, thorough deep clean; it also allows your staff to reserve their energy for their actual jobs. By eliminating the need to tack on the added duty of cleaning, your staff can focus on the tasks that help keep your commercial kitchen running smoothly. While we can’t help you with food preparation, catering, and management, we can provide an unmatched cleaning job. Let us do our job so your staff can focus on theirs!

Looking for a Deep Cleaning Service?

We’ve got you covered. From back of house to front of house, our deep cleaning services result in top quality cleans. Well versed in the strict cleaning codes set by the Health and Safety Act as well as the Food Hygiene Act, you don’t need to worry about the cleanliness of your commercial kitchen when in the hands of Total Commercial Solutions. Request a quote today!