Are House Cleaning Services Worth It?

house cleaning service is available in Vancouver

Before you make the decision to invest in professional cleaning services for your home, it is very common that you would first ask yourself, “are house cleaning services worth paying for?” While we would definitely answer that question with a resounding “yes”, we are admittedly a bit biased. In this article, we will share the main things that you should … Read More

Why Do We Do Spring Cleaning in Vancouver?

If you need spring cleaning service in Vancouver, please contact our cleaning experts

Spring is just around the corner, with warmer temps and longer sunlight-filled days, which can mean only one thing: It’s spring – cleaning time! More than just a clean home, a deep clean provides an abundance of benefits both physically and psychologically.   What is Spring Cleaning? For many Vancouverites who have immigrated from different parts of the world, it … Read More

How Much Does Commercial Window Cleaning Cost in Vancouver?

window cleaning company can help you clean your office or buildings window in Vancouver

If you are the occupant of a commercial building, then you understand firsthand how important it is to keep your windows clean. However, it can be hard to know how much to budget for commercial window cleaning. In this article, we will go over the average cost of commercial window cleaning services in Vancouver as well as the things that … Read More

How to Clean a Fabric Office Chair?

Properly clean your fabric office chair to get rid of dust

Office cleaning tips of any kind can be useful. While many people usually focus on areas like bathrooms and kitchens that receive regular use, there is one item that often gets overlooked. Despite the fact that we use them each day, fabric office chairs often go long periods of time without being cleaned. Due to regular use, fabric office chairs … Read More

17 Simple and Effective Office Cleaning Tips

A clean and comfortable office is cleaned by professional office cleaning company

Keeping an office space clean is a good way to keep everything running smoothly in a professional setting. Many people don’t consider the amount of cleaning required in an office to ensure the area is free from clutter and other unseen factors like germ buildup on shared surfaces like desks, countertops and keyboards. If you don’t stay on top of … Read More

5 Cleaning Strategies to Keep Your Windows Sparkling

Window Cleaning Job make your Full House with Sparkling Windows

Keeping any room, office, restaurant or general commercial space looking clean at all times is always a positive for any business. Clients, patrons and potential customers often get their first impression about a place based on its appearance. One of the best ways to make a good first impression, and to maintain a positive, clean and inviting appearance at your … Read More

5 Simple Steps to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

deep cleaning the kitchen counter with vinegar

A clean kitchen is always a welcome sight for any home or commercial property owner. Whether you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, or hardly any at all, it is always good to keep things clean and tidy at all times. A clean kitchen is a healthy kitchen, and sometimes making sure a kitchen is healthy requires a … Read More

7 Simple Steps on How to Deep Clean your Kitchen

deep cleaning

Your kitchen is one of the most critical parts of your home or restaurant. It is where you prepare food, meaning it should be perfectly clean. Besides, if you have a modern home, it may also act as a good place for you to rest with guests or family members.  It can be a daunting task to perform a thorough … Read More

How To Clean a Restaurant Panini Press

manager showing clerk how to clean

A panini is a simply delightful type of sandwich that is grilled to perfection in a specially made press. They are fantastic sandwiches, and most people would agree that making a panini can be fun and easy. Unfortunately, cleaning up after someone who’s been making paninis all day can be a real hassle. With all that melted on cheese left … Read More

How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

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Freshly cleaned and bright windows can go a long way towards enhancing the appearance of any property. That goes double for any commercial property that receives frequent visits from customers, clients or the general public. A clean set of windows not only makes the property appear more attractive from the outside, it allows for a cleaner and brighter appearance inside … Read More