How Commercial Building Cleaning Services Can Help Your Bottom Line

Image of desk with computer being wiped with a cloth

There are many benefits to having your office space professionally cleaned. Aside from maintaining a clean aesthetic, expert commercial building cleaning can promote productivity, reduce the spread of illness, minimize stress, maximize safety, and much more. All of which can improve the overall wealth of your company – including the impact on its bottom line. Here are some ways our … Read More

Say “NO!” to Dust Mites in Your Hotel

Image of dust mite on a bed

Is there anything creepier than having bugs and rodents crawl through your hotel room? Maybe there is but dust mites are sure up there. These very tiny, insect-like pests thrive in warm, humid settings and feed on dead skin cells. Making your hotel in Vancouver the prime habitat for them. While they are too small to see and don’t bite, … Read More

Tis the Season for Commercial Building Cleaning

Image of coworkers in office wearing reindeer antlers

While the seasons change, so do your needs for commercial cleaning. As one of the wettest, muddiest, germ-filled seasons of the year, winter is primetime for some updated cleaning habits. As the holiday season calls for merriment and mingling, it invites more people than usual into your commercial space. From clients to customers, it’s a busy time to be in … Read More

Keeping Your Food Trucks Clean and Ready to Serve

Image of food trucks lined down a street

Fast, convenient, and compact, food trucks are quickly becoming the ideal way to grab a bite on the go. Offering flavour and variety, Vancouver food trucks bring an array of cuisines to locals and are especially popular with business professionals. Oftentimes situated outside office buildings and downtown hotspots, these restaurants on wheels are consistently growing in popularity. With that said, … Read More

How to Clean a Bathroom in 10 Steps

image of bathroom

Is there a room in your house that you dread cleaning the most? If you said the bathroom, we’ve got the answers for you. One of the toughest rooms to keep clean, bathrooms have all sorts of nooks and crannies that hold germs and grime. From the shower, toilet, and sinks to the ever-streaky mirror, the tasks seem never-ending. However, … Read More

Benefits of Summertime Commercial Cleaning

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Is your commercial building in need of some summertime cleaning? If so, our team at Total Commercial Solutions has you covered. While keeping your commercial building clean all-year round should be a priority, a thorough clean in the summer should not be skipped. But why is summertime cleaning so important? The summer offers weather conditions that are perfect for certain … Read More

Why is Building Maintenance Important?

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Your commercial building is not just an architectural structure. It’s a space that not only houses your growing business, but your staff and customers as well. To best protect your investment and the people spending time in your commercial building, regular building maintenance is crucial to a healthy, thriving work environment. Regular property maintenance of the interior and exterior of … Read More

6 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

visual image of professional floor cleaning

Due to recent times, an awareness of the sanitation of your surroundings has probably increased exponentially. Offices and commercial buildings are key places where bacteria, allergens, and germs can be collected and spread. Employees and customers are always bringing in illnesses, which increases the pool of people at risk of infection. In order to properly care for your staff, customers, … Read More

Why Do We Do Spring Cleaning in Vancouver?

If you need spring cleaning service in Vancouver, please contact our cleaning experts

Spring is just around the corner, with warmer temps and longer sunlight-filled days, which can mean only one thing: It’s spring – cleaning time! More than just a clean home, a deep clean provides an abundance of benefits both physically and psychologically.   What is Spring Cleaning? For many Vancouverites who have immigrated from different parts of the world, it … Read More