Top 6 Benefits of Our Commercial Kitchen Deep Clean Service

Image of commercial kitchen being professionally cleaned

When it comes to deep cleaning a commercial kitchen, our team at Total Commercial Solutions does it best. From the high touch surfaces to the equipment, walls, and floors, every inch of your commercial kitchen requires diligent attention. To keep your restaurant, bar, cafeteria, and any other type of establishment in the food service industry running smoothly, here are the … Read More

Keeping Your Food Trucks Clean and Ready to Serve

Image of food trucks lined down a street

Fast, convenient, and compact, food trucks are quickly becoming the ideal way to grab a bite on the go. Offering flavour and variety, Vancouver food trucks bring an array of cuisines to locals and are especially popular with business professionals. Oftentimes situated outside office buildings and downtown hotspots, these restaurants on wheels are consistently growing in popularity. With that said, … Read More