Top 6 Benefits of Our Commercial Kitchen Deep Clean Service

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When it comes to deep cleaning a commercial kitchen, our team at Total Commercial Solutions does it best. From the high touch surfaces to the equipment, walls, and floors, every inch of your commercial kitchen requires diligent attention. To keep your restaurant, bar, cafeteria, and any other type of establishment in the food service industry running smoothly, here are the … Read More

Benefits of Summertime Commercial Cleaning

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Is your commercial building in need of some summertime cleaning? If so, our team at Total Commercial Solutions has you covered. While keeping your commercial building clean all-year round should be a priority, a thorough clean in the summer should not be skipped. But why is summertime cleaning so important? The summer offers weather conditions that are perfect for certain … Read More

6 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

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Due to recent times, an awareness of the sanitation of your surroundings has probably increased exponentially. Offices and commercial buildings are key places where bacteria, allergens, and germs can be collected and spread. Employees and customers are always bringing in illnesses, which increases the pool of people at risk of infection. In order to properly care for your staff, customers, … Read More

7 Simple Steps on How to Deep Clean your Kitchen

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Your kitchen is one of the most critical parts of your home or restaurant. It is where you prepare food, meaning it should be perfectly clean. Besides, if you have a modern home, it may also act as a good place for you to rest with guests or family members.  It can be a daunting task to perform a thorough … Read More

How To Clean a Restaurant Panini Press

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A panini is a simply delightful type of sandwich that is grilled to perfection in a specially made press. They are fantastic sandwiches, and most people would agree that making a panini can be fun and easy. Unfortunately, cleaning up after someone who’s been making paninis all day can be a real hassle. With all that melted on cheese left … Read More