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Bird Spike Solutions

At Total Commercial Solutions, we offer a reliable bird spike installation and bird net installations to help prevent bird droppings from ever falling on your building or windows or from birds perching on ledges making it unwelcoming for your patrons.

Why Install Bird Spikes?

Bird droppings from crows and other small birds such as pigeons and sparrows may be a bigger problem than most people are aware of. While most people are familiar with how quickly a high rise building can start to look messy and poorly kept thanks to continuous exposure to bird droppings, many are unaware of the fact that these unsightly droppings can actually damage more than a building’s appearance. Due to the acidic content of bird droppings, if left uncleaned the droppings themselves can eat away at building materials. Things like aluminum, steel, vinyl, and glass can all become damaged due to prolonged exposure to bird droppings. Furthermore, bird droppings can cause issues with window seals, and can actually cause windows to seize shut.

Benefits of Bird Spikes

Our reliable team of professionally trained commercial cleaners like the ones at Total Commercial Solutions can make sure your building’s exterior gets cleared of bird droppings. The best way to ensure the droppings don’t continue to be an issue, however, is to have bird spikes installed.

Bird spikes are highly effective when it comes to keeping pest birds off of your building’s exterior. Our team will scope out any and all possible landing spots for pigeons and other birds on your building’s exterior. Once we know exactly where the birds like to land and do their business, we will install low profile bird spikes that will prevent the birds from landing and making their mess. The bird spikes are available in plastic or stainless steel, and will not detract from the appearance of your building in any way.

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