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Commercial Cleaning Services In Greater Vancouver and Kelowna Areas

When it comes to a proper deep clean, some cleaning companies leave a great deal to be desired. Fortunately, at Total Commercial Solutions, our cleaning experts are well versed with the specific cleaning requirements established by the Health and Safety Act, as well as the Food and Hygiene Act. Whether you own a restaurant, bar or any other type of commercial food or retail location, you can count on Total Commercial Solutions to maintain a high level of cleanliness that meets every possible standard, including your own!

Total Commercial Cleaning Services

kitchen stove

Including restaurants, bars, deli's, food trucks and any commercial food or retail locations. We service any building, no matter the size.

restaurant logo

Professional commercial daily cleaning for your restaurant or pub. Heart of the house the kitchen and the front of the house. 

deepl cleaning service

Industrial & commercial kitchen deep cleaning company. Kitchen commercial deep cleaning services for any size kitchen for any facility.

property maintenance

Providing an exceptional service for property managers, strata, and office buildings. We strive in delivering excellent customer service and quality building maintenance work.

glass repair

Residential & commercial window repair & replacement including commercial door repair and replacement services in Vancouver and Kelowna. Home or business installations & 24 Hour Emergency Glass Repair.

building renovation

Building renovation services in Vancouver and Kelowna. We are small enough to fix small drywall work, and large enough for complete extensions and remodelling renovation projects.


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