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Deep Cleaning Solutions

At Total Commercial Solutions, we specialize in providing top quality deep cleaning solutions for the retail and hospitality industries in particular. As a result, we have become well versed in the strict cleaning codes set by the Health and Safety Act, as well as the Food Hygiene Act. This means our clients never have to worry whether their premises will be up to standard at any given time. Our team is equipped with all the necessary tools and environmentally friendly cleaning products that are ideally suited to tackle any deep cleaning task.

Cleaning Solutions

Back of House Deep Cleaning

Whether you are moving into a new location for your restaurant or bar, or you have operated out of the same location for years, you’ll never experience a more thorough deep clean in your kitchen and back of house than with TC Solutions. From your tile floors to behind your appliances, and even inside your refrigerators, we cover all the bases so you can be sure your business operates in the cleanest possible setting.

Front of House Deep Cleaning

Industry standards for front of house cleanliness are quite clear when it comes to virtually any restaurant or bar, and violations can put a real damper on your business. Fortunately, TC Solutions provides the option for nightly deep cleanings, so you can rest assured that everything from your public washrooms to your bar and lobby areas will be in tip top shape. Our team will even be sure to clean and dust even the most out of reach spots, so you can be positive that each and every area of your front of house will appear clean and tidy at all times.


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