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Commercial Building Exterior Cleaning

With Total Commercial Solutions, you can rest assured that our staff of cleaning experts will be able to handle whatever mess you need them to, whether its inside or out! We offer a wide range of quality commercial building exterior cleaning services that will help make your commercial property look its best at all times. Whether you own a small storefront that needs a little sprucing up, or a large commercial site with extensive exterior property, we have the tools and the expertise to ensure every part of your property's exterior receives a through and noticeable clean.

Exterior Building Cleaning Services

Our team is well equipped with commercial power washing in Vancouverpressure washers and other necessary tools to keep your building exterior looking its best.

  • We can keep you parking lot clear of debris and free of things like unsightly oil stains.
  • We can also ensure the walkways and sidewalks around your property are well maintained and free of things like gum, liquid stains, dirt buildups and much more.
  • We are fully equipped for any type of window cleaning, and we'll even clear out your gutters for you!

No matter what kind of mess you're dealing with on your building's exterior, the team of quality cleaning professionals at TC Solutions are ready to help clean it up!

Everyone at Total Commercial Solutions takes pride in helping our clients get their storefront, restaurant, bar or commercial property to look their best at all times. When it comes to exterior building cleaning solutions, we have all the bases covered.

To find out more about how the team at TC Solutions can help keep your commercial property looking clean and safe at all times, be sure to contact us directly with any questions you may have about our services. We are available for regular exterior cleanings, or for one time major deep cleans. Contact us today to get started!

Total Commercial Cleaning Services

commercial cleaning services

Including restaurants, bars, deli's, food trucks and any commercial food or retail locations. We service any building, no matter the size.

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restaurant cleaning services

Professional commercial daily cleaning for your restaurant or pub. Heart of the house the kitchen and the front of the house.

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deep cleaning services

Industrial & commercial kitchen deep cleaning company. Kitchen commercial deep cleaning services for any size kitchen for any facility.

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building property maintenance

Providing an exceptional service for property managers, strata, and office buildings. We strive in delivering excellent customer service and quality building maintenance work.

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glass and door replacement

Our cleaning professionals are the perfect fit for cleaning mold, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms’ build-up in the chute.

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glass and door replacement

Building renovation services in Vancouver. We are small enough to fix small drywall work, and large enough for complete extensions and remodeling renovation projects.

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glass and door replacement

Providing pressure washing services for property managers, strata, and office buildings. We strive in delivering excellent customer service and quality building maintenance work.

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glass and door replacement

Residential & commercial window repair & replacement including commercial door repair and replacement services in Vancouver. Home or business installations & 24 Hour Emergency Glass Repair.

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commercial building renovations

Reliable bird spike installation and bird net installations to help prevent bird droppings from ever falling on your building or windows or from birds perching on ledges making it unwelcoming for your patrons.

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