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Your Trusted Window Cleaning Company in Vancouver and Kelowna

Total Commercial Solutions is proud to supply the Vancouver and Kelowna areas with maintenance, renovation, and deep cleaning services, including window cleaning. Our window cleaning services are trusted by local and national businesses alike, and our team is run by born and raised Vancouverites who are committed to keeping our beautiful city shining and sparkling.

Window Cleaning Service

out window cleaning contractor is cleaning the interior window for the building
we clean outside commercial building in Vancouver

Residential Window Cleaning

The windows are one of the most important parts of a residential dwelling, and go a long way in determining a home’s curb appeal. Whether you are planning to sell your home or in need of a routine window cleaning, Total Commercial Solutions offers residential window cleaning that can:


  • Improve your home’s natural sunlight
  • Provide clear, unobstructed views
  • Eliminate the buildup of grim
  • Keep your home looking beautiful


By relying on Total Commercial Solutions for your residential window cleaning, you are able to cross another item off of your ever-growing to-do list. Not only is cleaning the windows of your home time-consuming and tedious, but it can also be dangerous to undertake yourself without the proper supplies or equipment. Allow our highly-trained professionals to do the job for you.

home window cleaning service is available now for Vancouver home
home skylight or big window cleaning service in Vancouver

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

At Total Commercial Solutions, we truly are a solution for all your building services needs. Our technicians are able to clean both inside and outside of your windows. We use tested clothes, squeegees and brushes to get off the toughest dirt and grime and mildew.

It is particularly important that commercial spaces keep up with regular window washing. For one thing, many commercial buildings are located in high-traffic areas, which makes them especially susceptible to splashes and the build-up of grime. Window cleaning is essential to: 

  • Provide a welcoming space for customers
  • Keep up with local bylaws
  • Save on repairs by keeping up with preventative maintenance

Total Commercial Solutions offers two different types of commercial window cleaning services, namely:

Outside Window/Exterior

we do outside window cleaning in Vancouver area

Your business’s exterior windows are one of the first things that customers notice. By entrusting Total Commercial Solutions, you will enjoy pristine and impeccable outside windows, including the glass panes and the surrounding frame.

Inside Window/Exterior

commercial window cleaning do inside window cleaning in greater Vancouver area

While some window cleaning companies will simply focus on the exterior of your windows, our team at Total Commercial Solutions will go the extra mile to clean the interior of your window panes so that there is no end to the shine.

The Benefits of Window Washing

If you’re unsure whether or not window washing is worth the investment, then consider these benefits:

  • Window washing is a relatively inexpensive way to clean up your business’s appearance
  • Keeping up with window washing will extend the lifespan of your windows
  • Leaving your window washing to professionals saves you time and energy
  • Trusting professional window cleaning is much safer than doing it yourself

No matter your particular needs, our team at Total Commercial Solutions would love to be your trusted window cleaning service in Vancouver and Kelowna. We are committed to providing modern cleaning and maintenance solutions for businesses of all sizes and varieties. Get in touch today to receive your own personalized quote!

Vancouver window cleaning company is here to your company and home window cleaning

Why Hire Window Cleaning Services

Maintaining windows is an affordable way of keeping your building updated and looking great. Vancouver and Kelowna are known for hard minerals in their water, and for any building located in the downtown area, acid rain and sea spray could build up and bring you more issues. Keeping your windows clean will help them last longer and keep them looking great!

Our techs will always report any issues they see related to wear and tear or if weather strips are worn out, we can offer window repair services.

Window Types

When it comes to cleaning windows or skylights, we have all the equipment need to care for your buildings window panes. No matter the type of window or glass, we can clean it safely.

Total Commercial Solutions professional window cleaning service will ensure all your windows, skylights and inside glass will shine streak-free!

Our crew of window washers are perfectionists and will clean your windows to ensure your building glass is spotless. We have state of the art supplies and never use harmful chemicals.

Total Commercial Cleaning Services

kitchen stove

Including restaurants, bars, deli's, food trucks and any commercial food or retail locations. We service any building, no matter the size.

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Professional commercial daily cleaning for your restaurant or pub. Heart of the house the kitchen and the front of the house. 

deepl cleaning service

Industrial & commercial kitchen deep cleaning company. Kitchen commercial deep cleaning services for any size kitchen for any facility.

property maintenance

Providing an exceptional service for property managers, strata, and office buildings. We strive in delivering excellent customer service and quality building maintenance work.

glass repair

Residential & commercial window repair & replacement including commercial door repair and replacement services in Vancouver and Kelowna. Home or business installations & 24 Hour Emergency Glass Repair.

building renovation

Building renovation services in Vancouver and Kelowna. We are small enough to fix small drywall work, and large enough for complete extensions and remodelling renovation projects.


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