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Window Cleaning Service

Total Commercial Solutions professional window cleaning service will ensure all your windows, skylights and inside glass will shine streak-free!

Our crew of window washers are perfectionists and will clean your windows to ensure your building glass is spotless. We have state of the art supplies and never use harmful chemicals.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

At Total Commercial Solutions, we truly are a solution for all your building services needs. Our technicians are able to clean both inside and outside of your windows. We use tested clothes, squeegees and brushes to get off the toughest dirt and grime and mildew.

Why Hire Window Cleaning Services

Maintaining windows is an affordable way of keeping your building updated and looking great. Vancouver’s known for hard minerals in their water, and for any building located in the downtown area, acid rain and sea spray could build up and bring you more issues. Keeping your windows clean will help them last longer and keep them looking great!

Our techs will always report any issues they see related to wear and tear or if weather strips are worn out, we can offer window repair services.

Window Types

When it comes to cleaning windows or skylights, we have all the equipment need to care for your buildings window panes. No matter the type of window or glass, we can clean it safely.


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