Garbage Chute Cleaning

Residential and Commercial Garbage Chute Cleaning

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Total Commercial Solutions is your go-to for professional garbage chute cleaning services in Vancouver. Our cleaning professionals are the perfect fit for cleaning mold, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms’ build-up in the chute.

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Why Clean Your Garbage Chute

Your trash or garbage chute is an important feature to have in any building including Hotels, apartments, or condos in Vancouver. The convenience of having a chute allows your tenants to get rid of their garbage or recycling without having to carry it down the stairs.

Over time, your chute becomes dirty from broken garbage bags, grease, or debris and if this isn't cleaned regularly it can build up and your tenants will eventually notice.

We helped resident or homeowner recycle or remove their garbage in Vancouver

Why Clean Your Chute Regularly

Damaged Chute

When garbage chutes are neglected, even the smallest damage can cause larger issues if not handled immediately.


Unsanitary conditions including food and rubbish can attract pests. If your trash chute isn't maintained, your building will eventually have pest issues by attracting cockroaches, flies, and other unwanted insects.

Yard Waste Removal

This may seem obvious, but you will be surprised to learn many Vancouver buildings have an odor that some relate to an 'old building smell'. Maintaining your Garbage Chute will prevent long-term odors throughout your building.

Poor Air Quality

A garbage chute typically runs through an entire building, allowing for all the smells to travel reducing the quality of air in your stairwells and halls.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Deep Cleaning Company

There are many reasons to trust a professional deep cleaning company with your garbage chute cleaning. Here are a few of the most prominent ones.


Forget about trips to the dump — if you choose to opt for a professional junk removal service, all you need to do is sit tight and wait because the garbage removal trucks will come straight to you.

Robust Service Offerings

Private garbage removal services are able to pick up much more than what city garbage removal can accomplish. If you have bulky items, there is a large change that they will not be picked up by regular city services. You may have no choice but to rely on a private company.

Save Yourself the Heavy Lifting

Let’s face it — most of us aren’t professional weightlifters, and it’s not worth it to push our luck by risking a long-lasting injury by lifting something improperly. When you leave your heavy lifting to the professionals, you save yourself the risk of injury as well as the sore muscles.

Save Precious Time

It seems like time is always coming at a premium, but this is especially true when you are in the midst of a large construction project or a big move. Many people underestimate the amount of time you can save by hiring professional junk removers.

Environmentally Friendly

Recycling and composting on a small scale is one thing, but it can be downright exhausting for an individual to think about proper recycling methods when they are dealing with a large volume of waste. A professional junk removal service can help ensure that your garbage heads to the most appropriate afterlife.

Take Back Your Space

Anyone who has lived somewhere for an extended period of time knows that it doesn’t take long for clutter to build up. When you do yourself the favour of removing your garbage build-up, you may be surprised to realize just how much space your home has.