Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Restaurants, hotels, pubs and commissary kitchens

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Kitchen Deep Cleaning with latest in cleaning technology for ceilings, walls, floors & appliances

We provide complete deep cleaning solutions to commercial kitchens in pubs, restaurants, hospitals, residential homes, nursing homes, staff canteens, schools, colleges, universities,  hotels, fast food outlets.

The service times are conveniently scheduled you the client can optimize your busienss needs. We work when you are closed either during the day, over a weekend or throughout the night so there is no need for the kitchen to be closed during your business hours.


  • Less expensive than painting or replacing appliances
  • Your ceilings can be cleaned approximately 20 times for less than the cost of one replacement
  • No costly interruption to business routine – No lost revenue
  • We work around your schedule.


  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed
  • We will inspect and qualify the end results before the cleaning starts
  • Guaranteed cost savings over painting or replacing
  • Results you’ll love with no damage to carpeting, drapery, furniture, etc


  • Our superior cleaning process allows us to finish a job in less time than it takes to begin painting or replacing
  • Cleaning is up to 20 times faster than painting and approximately 100 times faster than replacing
  • We clean effectively and efficiently – leaving no mess


  • Improves appearance
  • Sanitizes while cleaning, eliminating odors
  • Improves lighting by as much as 60%
  • Restores fire rating and acoustical value
  • 1/4 of the cost of replacement and 1/2 the cost of painting
  • Removes nicotine, soot, smoke, mildew, cooking grease and dirt films
  • Fast, safe and can be done outside the normal working hours


  • Solutions are enzyme based, nontoxic and biodegradable
  • Developed with safety in mind – no bleach or strong oxidizers – not harmful to you or your property
  • No long-term damages only hurts dirt

All Wall Surfaces

Did you know that most wall materials trap odors, oils, cooking grease, films, nicotine, and many more unsanitary pollutants?

These films can even reduce light by as much as 60%. A dull appearance of the facility can create an unhealthy environment. Commercial and Deep cleaning your ceilings and walls will brighten your floors, make carpets look cleaner, and will give your facility or home a healthier, brighter look.

How Safe Are Your Kitchen Floors?

Kitchen floors can be dangerous places to work. Stone-like floors are chosen as the optimal material for industrial kitchen floors for a number of reasons: their porous nature delivers cushioning and enables employees to work more comfortably. However, it’s exactly this porosity which can make kitchen floors so dangerous. Every spill and splash works its way into the minute spaces within the floor, locking in grease and creating a slick surface.

We restore the floor’s natural slip-resistance, leaving your kitchen safer, cleaner and less likely to be the site of accident and injury. After Total Commercial Solutions clean your floor, it will dry almost instantly, proving that the grease and oil has been removed from the tiles. Your floor natural offers you grip: you just need to maintain it properly so it can do its job.

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