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More than ever, keeping an office clean and free of harmful germs is of the utmost importance. Investing in professional office cleaning services is the best way to ensure a spotless office space and in turn a better working environment.

Total Commercial Solutions are trusted professionals in office cleaning in Vancouver. Office cleaning services can not only help keep your employees healthy but when done effectively they can also contribute to employee morale and increase employee productivity. Learn more about how our dynamic services can benefit you today.

Commercial Office Cleaning

Our office cleaning crew in Vancouver are the best. With decades of experience, we’ve grown to become one of Vancouver’s top-rated office cleaning company.

Total Commercial Solutions is a team dedicated to clean and maintain your property. Our Full-service janitorial services include office and retail cleaning, handyman services, parking lot maintenance, building construction, renovations and deep cleaning services.

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Office Cleaning Services

Total Commercial Solutions offers several services to clean and maintain your property in Greater Vancouver Area. As Vancouver’s premier commercial cleaning and office cleaning company, we offer a total range of office cleaning services for any-size of business. Our goal is to keep your office clean and looking great.

Call us today and leave your janitorial needs to us. We have all the tools and the best people to get the job done.

Complete Sanitization Services

Germs have no place in an office. Once germs have been introduced into an office environment, they spread like wildfire — especially if your office space is open-concept like so many workspaces are today. What’s worse is that these germs have long staying power on hard surfaces, so many of which are touched frequently in any given office environment. The only way to guarantee that your employees are kept free from illness-causing germs is with a commercial office cleaning. Total Commercial Solutions can use professional-grade cleaning products to kill germs in their wake and keep patrons of your office healthy.

We are Vancouver top office cleaning company that help you sanitize your whole office table and washroom

Window and Glass Cleaning

Many modern offices today have beautiful tall windows as well as glass doors. While these are without a doubt aesthetically pleasing, they can also be prone to fingerprints and other blotches. A consistent office cleaning from Total Commercial Solutions includes window and glass cleaning which can go a long way to helping your office look professional and put-together.

Floor Care

Floorcare is an important part of an office’s overall hygiene — however, it can often be a forgotten one. At Total Commercial Solutions, we will give the ground that you walk on the treatment it deserves and ensures that it is looking as good as new. This is especially important if you are living in a wet climate like Vancouver, where the tread of boots and shoes can add up to a lot of slush, water, and slime, which is a lot for any floor to take. We can fix that.

Flooring cleaning is one of the commercial office cleaning service we provide for business in Vancouver

Dust Removal

The accumulation of dust is not just a visual problem — it is also a health hazard. For employees with severe allergies, the difference between a dusty place of employment and a dusted place of employment is huge. Keeping up on regular dust removal is also an important part of protecting the overall air quality of your office space. Unlike other office cleaning companies who include dust removal as an afterthought of their other cleaning services, at Total Commercial Solutions, we prioritize the elimination of dust as we know no office space is truly functional until all employees can breathe easy.

Washroom Deep Cleaning

Employee washrooms are among the most touched and frequented areas of any office space, which means that they are also one of the spaces that need to be cleaned the most regularly. At Total Commercial Solutions, we believe in using the most high-quality products on the market to ensure that using the washroom is a pleasant experience for every office-goer. Our professional and courteous services will give a deep-clean to your washroom to protect the well-being of you and your employees.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Many office spaces provide their employees with a kitchen space. While this is convenient for food preparation and a great space for convivial coworker conversations, it is also a space that needs to be regularly deep-cleaned.

we helped lots of vancouver offices clean their kitchen spaces

Other Office Cleaning Services:

  • Carpets
  • Washrooms
  • Blinds
  • Hallways
  • more…

If you’re in need of a customs office cleaning solution, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with an option that will accommodate your request.

we map and vacuum your floor of your commercial office
our cleaning professional clean your office and make it dirt free
Our professional cleaning contractor can make your office clean again

Benefits of a Clean Office

There are many benefits to keeping a clean office space that go beyond that pleasant “squeaky clean” feeling. Not only does a clean office help colleagues to take pride in their workspace, it also helps them get sick less frequently which helps to improve their quality of life. A clean office space also provides a professional appearance to all visitors, which can in turn help your reputation as an employer and a business.

Total Commercial Cleaning Services

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Including restaurants, bars, deli's, food trucks and any commercial food or retail locations. We service any building, no matter the size.

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Professional commercial daily cleaning for your restaurant or pub. Heart of the house the kitchen and the front of the house. 

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Industrial & commercial kitchen deep cleaning company. Kitchen commercial deep cleaning services for any size kitchen for any facility.

property maintenance

Providing an exceptional service for property managers, strata, and office buildings. We strive in delivering excellent customer service and quality building maintenance work.

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Residential & commercial window repair & replacement including commercial door repair and replacement services in Vancouver. Home or business installations & 24 Hour Emergency Glass Repair.

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Building renovation services in Vancouver. We are small enough to fix small drywall work, and large enough for complete extensions and remodelling renovation projects.