Post-Construction Cleaning

Construction and renovation are certainly messy. But don't worry, we will finalize your project and make your facility shine. Contact Total Commercial Solutions for the final thorough post-construction cleaning services when you're done with your construction or renovation project.

After the debris has been removed, the remaining dust and dirt can be harmful to the occupants and is not always easy to remove. The task needs an experienced team of cleaners and proper tools and supplies. We know how to effectively remove construction dust and the accumulated grime from windows, gadgets, ceilings, walls, carpet, floor, light fixtures, furnishings, office tools, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, etc.

Our post-construction cleaning crew is committed to making your premise shine after construction or renovation. We understand that you invested so much time and money in the construction or renovation; let us handle the cleaning for you.

What do our post-construction services include?
We offer all the clean-up needed after your construction project is completed. This is the last activity before the premise is handed over to the owner. We make sure it looks attractive before it is occupied.

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Why Choose Us?

Customer Satisfaction
Our staff easily takes direction and always makes sure our clients are satisfied.

Customizable Services
We collaborate with our customers to design a cleaning plan that meets all your needs and exceeds your expectations.

High Quality and Reliable Services
With over 20 years of experience, Total Commercial Cleaning has developed the most advanced products and approaches to make your facility shine after construction or renovation.

Licensed, Insured and Bonded
We are fully insured, bonded and licenced for your peace of mind and security.

Professional Cleaning
We offer professional post-construction and renovation cleaning services. Our experts are highly experienced, trained and friendly.

Total Commercial Cleaning specializes in green cleaning. Our cleaning supplies and methods are non-toxic to keep the environment is safe.