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Our Restaurant Cleaners

Our team of professional restaurant cleaning experts has a great deal of experience handling any retail cleaning task. From small stores to large supermarkets and warehouses, Total Commercial Solutions is well versed in the specific cleaning needs of any particular restaurant.
We ensure all of our clients specific cleaning needs are met, and our team is always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to our customer's satisfaction.

Restaurant Cleaning Service

professional kitchen cleaning worker is cleaning the restaurant kitchen

Kitchen Cleaning Service

steam cleaner cleans the stove in the restaurant kitchen and disinfects the surface

Restaurant Steam Cleaning Services

A restaurant washroom was clean by professional restaurant cleaning service

Washroom Cleaning Service

Clean Restaurant floor is cleaned by restaurant cleaning company

Carpet Cleaning and Floor Waxing Service

Restaurant Deep Cleaning In Vancouver

What sets us apart from other cleaning companies? We understand that a clean restaurant is vital to stay in business in the cities of Vancouver. Which is why our cleaners go out of their way to complete the task at hand. From degreasing to garbage removal, we handle it all.

We offer a full range of restaurant cleaning services including:

  • Wiping down walls
  • Cleaning Walk-in Coolers
  • Washrooms & Bars
  • Cleaning grills, griddles, ranges, flattops and more. Underneath them too!
  • Wipe down other equipment
  • Disinfect prep surfaces
  • Clean sinks
  • Hood Fans & Vents
  • Sweep Floors
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Drain Cleaning

Our cleaners are respected in the community and industry as one of the best restaurant cleaning companies around. We use soft cleaning solutions to avoid damage of floors or appliances.

Additional Restaurant Cleaning Commercial Solutions

In addition to our restaurant deep cleaning team, we offer even more restaurant cleaning services:

  • Restaurant Window Cleaning
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Restaurant Hood Vents Cleaning
  • Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Cleaning
  • Flat Grill Cleaning
  • Exhaust System Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Fryer Cleaning
  • Restaurant Ceiling Tiles

Restaurant Cleaning FAQ

Q: where should cleaning products be stored in your restaurant?

A: Cleaning products should be stored in a separate area away from food and heat, in a container and with a tight lid. Employees should be taught to: Never mix chemicals and use cleaning products only in well ventilated areas.

Q: how to clean a restaurant panini press?

A: The grill should be unplugged. Using a damp paper towel, wipe crumbs and any oily residue off the grill. With a small amount of warm, soapy water, firmly scrub the surface with a sponge, paying special close attention to the grooves where oil gets trapped.

Q: how to clean restaurant coffee pots?

A: Fill the reservoir with equal parts water & vinegar and then place a paper filter into the machine's empty basket. Position the pot in place, and "brew" the solution halfway. Turn off the machine, and let it sit for 30 minutes.

Q: how to clean restaurant kitchen floor?

A: Mix 1 gallon of hot water, 1 cup of vinegar, and a few drops of dish soap. Mop the floor with the mixture, using the scrub brush to remove stubborn dirt in high traffic areas. Once the entire floor has been cleaned, mop again using clean water to remove any traces of soap residue.

Q: how to clean restaurant towels?

A: Fill a bucket with 1 gallon of water and 1 cup of white vinegar. Toss kitchen towels and dishcloths into the vinegar solution each day, after use. Allow them to soak in the diluted vinegar, until you're ready to wash in the machine to remove grease and its accompanying odor.

Q: how often should a restaurant kitchen be cleaned?

A: We recommend that every commercial kitchen be professionally cleaned every 4 - 6 months and that all outlets must have a cleaning protocol in place to ensure cleanliness is up to standard at all times.

Q: how to clean stainless steel restaurant equipment?

  • Step 1: Degrease it first. Dip a soft cloth in warm water mixed with a mild dish detergent. Wipe the surface, rinse the cloth and wipe again, then dry with a dry towel to prevent water spots.
  • Step 2: If you still see fingerprints, spray a glass cleaner onto a soft cloth and wipe fingerprints away. Use mild detergent and a damp cloth. In most cases, it's best that you use a damp cloth in order to clean stainless steel cooking equipment and also a mild detergent. You should always wipe in the direction of the finish.

Q: how to clean a restaurant?

A: Daily sweeping and mopping of all floors and a full washroom cleaning should be done daily. Hiring a professional cleaning company allows you and your staff to focus on growing your restaurant business.

Q: where should cleaning chemicals be stored in a restaurant?

A: Dry storage area. Away from any flammable areas, such as an electrical room.

Q: how much does it cost to clean a restaurant hood?

A: Anywhere from $450 and up. It really depends on the system that is at the facility.

Q: how often should a restaurant grease trap be cleaned?

A: You should have your grease traps cleaned at least every three months. If you own or operate a particularly busy restaurant or commercial kitchen, you should consider having them cleaned and serviced more frequently. The busiest restaurants will have them cleaned almost every month.

Q: how to clean a fryer in restaurant?

  1. Drain all of the grease from the fryer and safely discard it via an oil caddy and an approved oil discharge container.
  2. Use a fryer cleaning rod to clean any remaining debris out of the drain line.
  3. Rinse the fryer with hot water to remove excess undrained fat.

Q: how to clean a grease trap in a restaurant?

A: Hire a professional company to do this. Do not clean this yourself.

Q: how to clean a greasy restaurant kitchen floor?

A: Fill a mop bucket with hot water and mix with a degreaser. Spread the mixture over the floor using a clean mop. Rinse with fresh hot water again to rinse floors of soap and grease.

Q: how to clean ceiling tiles in the restaurant?

A: You should hire a professional cleaning company like ours as we have professional cleaning solutions that are food safe and will not ruin the finish the ceiling tiles have on them.

Q: how to clean restaurant hood vents?

A: Vents should be cleaned by a certified technician. Feel free to clean inside your hood canopy. Filters especially should be cleaned more regularly so that the system is always running at its peak.

Q: how to clean restaurant kitchen?

A: By having a cleaning system in place with your staff or with a professional cleaning company.

Q: how to clean sticky restaurant tables?

A: Warm soap and a mild degreaser in a bucket, wipe the table down with a clean rag.

Q: how to clean tables in a restaurant?

A: Warm soap and a mild degreaser in a bucket, wipe the table down with a clean rag.

Q: what do they use at restaurants to clean tables?

A: Sanitizing cleaning solution with a clean rag.

Q: how are restaurant glasses cleaned?

A: in the dish washer with proper sanitizing solutions

Q: how are the dishes washed in restaurants clean?

A: dishes should be cleaned and sanitized properly with professional cleaning solutions

Q: can you make restaurant employees clean a grease trap?

A: No. Only a certified technician is allowed to clean the interior of a grease trap. Feel free to clean the exterior.

Q: do sushi restaurants clean knife between cutting rolls?
A: They should always follow the proper sanitizing guidelines provided by Coastal Health.

Q: how often to clean restaurant hoods?

A: The ideal frequency for kitchen hood cleaning is mostly dependent on how much cooking you do and therefore how heavily used the hood is. The more frequently you cook under the hood, the more often it should be cleaned. Local laws dictate exactly how often you are legally required to conduct thorough kitchen hood cleaning, but you should expect to have to clean the exhaust hood in your kitchen at least every year.

Q: how to clean a restaurant bathroom?

By using a sanitizer and wiping down all touch surfaces. Floors should be moped with a bathroom mop that should not go to any other areas of the restaurant to avoid cross contamination.

Q: how to clean a restaurant coffee maker?

A: Exterior can be wiped down but interior of the coffee machine should be cleaned out with a descaling tablet every month or so depending on the usage.

Q: how to clean a restaurant table?

A: Warm soap and a mild degreaser in a bucket. Wipe the table down with a clean rag.

Q: how to clean greasy restaurant equipment?

A: Allow to cool to safe handling temperature. Industrial strength cleaner or a lot of elbow grease.

Q: how to clean greasy restaurant towels?

A: In a washing machine using hot water and a degreaser.

Q: how to clean laminate restaurant tables?

A: Warm soap and a mild degreaser in a bucket, wipe the table down with a clean rag.

Q: how to clean plastic restaurant trays?

A: Warm soap and a mild degreaser in a bucket and you can wipe with a clean rag.

Q: how to clean restaurant carpet with flour dried in?

A: Vacuum as much of the debris as you can. Using a carpet cleaning machine, you can extract the remaining flour.

Q: how to clean restaurant exhaust fan?

A: Remove the filters daily or at minimum weekly. Clean them with hot water, degreaser and brush. Clean the inside of the hood canopy with hot water and degreaser as well.

Q: how to clean restaurant flat grill?

A: Running hot water and brushing the exterior with a brush. The internal is a little more complex – best to call a professional.

Q: how to clean restaurants?

A: By having all areas of the restaurant on a cleaning rotation and depending on the amount of traffic adjust cleaning frequency.

Q: how to get certified to clean restaurant hoods?

A: 30 hours of cleaning with a certified technician.

Q: how to keep floors clean in winter restaurant?

A: At the front door use long mats to absorb the moisture and any salt that may be on walkways.

Q: how to keep your restaurant kitchen clean?

A: By having all areas of the kitchen on a cleaning rotation. Some areas may have to be done daily and other areas may have to be done monthly.

Q: how to properly clean restaurant tables?

A: Warm soap and a mild degreaser in a bucket and wipe the table down with a clean rag.

Q: is chemical cleaning required by Health Canada in restaurants?

A: Yes

Q: what happens if you don’t keep your restaurant clean?

A: Customers will stop coming or the health inspector will give you a violation. You will get some customers sick.

Q: who clean restaurant hood vents?

A: Certified cleaning technicians clean hoods

Q: who does deep cleaning in a restaurant?
A: Total Commercial Solutions

Q: why clean ventilation units in restaurants?

A: So that you don’t get prolonged grease build up and have risk of a grease fire.

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