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Washroom & Hygiene Services

Many studies reveal that customers who encounter a dirty restroom in a restaurant feel that this reflects poorly on the sanitation of the rest of the establishment. This includes the kitchen and food preparation areas!

They also say that these customers would never return to a restaurant with a dirty restroom.

The restrooms in your restaurant make a statement about the overall management and cleanliness of your establishment.

The same goes for the staff at your restaurant. Impressing your customers with your restrooms is particularly important and requires an investment of time and labour. But given that you stand to lose about 30% of your customers a year... if your restrooms are dirty and unappealing, you may be losing more.

Washroom & Hygiene Services for other Commercial Facilities:

By ensuring that your staff and visitors have a clean washroom, you give the message that you really care about your company, which will have a positive impact on your staff and give visitors a great first impression. Your washrooms need to be sanitary in order to minimize the spread of infection, especially during the COVID pandemic.

TC Solutions uses a deep cleaning machine that and sanitizing system that is capable of handling even the filthiest of restrooms. By restoring them to a pristine condition, it targets the entire restroom, including ceiling, walls, floors, partitions, fixtures, mirrors and doors. This thorough cleaning system removes contaminants in order to eliminate odors and reduce the risk of infection being spread.