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House Cleaning Service in Vancouver

We all want to keep a clean living space, but sometimes life just gets in the way. If you find that you are often too busy to keep on top of the tidying of your home, entrusting the help of professional cleaning service can be life-changing. Total Commercial solutions offer house cleaning services in the Greater Vancouver area. We are able to tackle any job, no matter how large or small, from sprawling home estates to compact condos. Learn how our house cleaning services can best work for you and your lifestyle.

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5 Types of Home Cleaning Services Offered

Total Commercial Solutions offers comprehensive home cleaning services in Vancouver, with no room left untouched. Here is a brief overview of some of our 5 most popular house cleaning services.

We not only clean your house carpet, flooring, kitchen also sofa and bathroom of your Vancouver house.

One-Time Cleaning

Sometimes, after a major life event or an abnormally busy time, our clients need a little bit of help to get their home looking as clean as possible. Total Commercial Solutions offers one-time cleaning services with no obligation to take on other cleaning services. Some of the reasons to choose a one-time cleaning service include:

  • Prior to or after a party
  • Prior to a home photography session
  • Part of a home staging
  • Spring cleaning

A One-Time Home Cleaning Service Will Entail:

  • The dusting and polishing of all applicable surfaces 
  • Window cleaning (interior)
  • Head-to-toe vacuuming
  • Floor washing
  • Full kitchen and bathroom clean

Cleaning Services for Senior Citizens

One of the best ways that we can help support our senior citizens and loved ones is by taking the pressure to clean off of their shoulders. After all, cleaning can be a strenuous act, which can make it dangerous for many seniors, especially if they face mobility challenges. Choosing a professional cleaning service for your loved ones can: 

  • Help your loved ones remain independent
  • Help senior citizens avoid injury
  • Help maintain positive mental health for seniors
  • Make a great gift idea!

Senior Citizen Home Cleaning Services Include: 

  • Complete kitchen and bathroom cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Floor washing
  • Dusting and polishing
  • Spot cleaning as needed

When you move in or out your house, we are here to help you clean up your house or condo in Vancouver

Our house cleaning service include small condo or studio cleaning in the greater vancouver area

Cleaning for Small Spaces

You do not have to occupy a large living space to be overwhelmed by cleaning. In fact, living in a small space can present its own unique challenges when it comes to cleanliness. More of Vancouver’s population lives in condos and apartments than ever before, and we are happy to offer the following services to suit their needs: 

  • Cleaning services with heavy attention to detail
  • Spot treatments for hard-to-reach areas

Condo and apartment cleaning will include:

  • Vacuuming throughout the property
  • A complete floor cleaning
  • Dusting and polishing of all surfaces and fixtures
  • Spot cleaning
  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaning

House Cleaning Services for Moving

One you’re in the middle of a move, there is no denying that you have a lot to think about. In fact, most people are so busy mid-move that they would not be able to find time to clean up their new space, no matter how hard they tried. However, it is only courtesy to leave a clean space behind when you move — and if you’re a tenant, failing to do so could cost you a landlord reference. Some people choose to hire a cleaning service when they move homes to:

  • Clean a space after moving out
  • Clean a space before moving in
  • Maintain a good relationship with a landlord, current or past
  • Stage a home to allow it to sell faster

Our Move Out Services Include:

  • Disinfecting & Sanitation of empty rooms
  • Cupboard cleaning
  • Kitchen and bathroom deep cleaning & Sanitation
  • Floor cleaning
  • Vacuuming

When you move in or out your house, we are here to help you clean up your house or condo in Vancouver

we also provide on going house cleaning service for you and your family in Vancouver

Ongoing House Cleaning Services

For many of us, our busy lifestyles mean that we cannot get by with sporadic cleaning services. For the vast majority, cleaning services are most effective when they are undertaken on an ongoing service, whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

At Total Commercial Solutions, we offer our customers the option of having ongoing cleaning services so that they can enjoy a clean and tidy living space. Many of our clients choose an ongoing cleaning service to:

  • Save time for doing the things they love
  • Save themselves the chores they enjoy the least
  • Protect the health of themselves and their families

On-Going House Cleaning Services Include:

  • Complete bathroom and kitchen cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Floor washing
  • Polishing and dusting of all surfaces and/or fixtures
  • Window cleaning (interior) 

House Cleaning Services FAQ

Why Should I Choose Total Commercial Solutions?

Total Commercial Solutions is a trusted and established name in the Vancouver area. We are experienced professionals, which means that we possess the ability to complete our cleaning jobs efficiently and effectively. We also offer competitive pricing for our valued customers. 

Do I Need to Provide My Own Cleaning Supplies?

No! Part of the benefit of hiring a complete home cleaning service is that you do not need to invest in cleaning supplies yourself. Your cleaners will come equipped with top-of-the-market cleaning supplies that will disinfect and clean your space.

Do I Need to Commit to a Package of Cleaning Services?

Not at all! We offer cleaning services to fit your needs. We are happy to provide one-time cleaning services as well as ongoing services.

Do I Need to Be In the House While You Are Cleaning?

No! Our cleaners are able to clean while you are away from home, as long as your consent has been gathered. This means that you could plan it so that you return home from work to a freshly-cleaned house.

Is it possible to get a quote online?

Yes. Simply visit our online form with your details, and we will be happy to provide you with a personalized quote.