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Our Restaurant Cleaners

Our team of professional cleaning experts has a great deal of experience handling any retail cleaning task. From small stores to large supermarkets and warehouses, Total Commercial Solutions is well versed in the specific cleaning needs of any particular retail property.

We ensure all of our clients specific cleaning needs are met, and our team is always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to our customer’s satisfaction.

Restaurant Deep Cleaning In Vancouver

What sets us apart from other cleaning companies? We understand that a clean restaurant is vital to stay in business in the city of Vancouver. Which is why our cleaners go out of their way to complete the task at hand. From degreasing to garbage removal, we handle it all.

We offer a full range of services including:

  • Wiping down walls
  • Cleaning Walk-in Coolers
  • Washrooms & Bars
  • cleaning grills, griddles, ranges, flattops and more. Underneath them too!
  • Wipe down other equipment
  • Disinfect prep surfaces
  • Clean sinks
  • Hood Fans & Vents
  • Sweep Floors
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Drain Cleaning

Our cleaners are respected in the community and industry as one of the best restaurant cleaning companies around. We use soft cleaning solutions to avoid damage of floors or appliances.

Additional Commercial Solutions

In addition to our deep cleaning team, we offer full service restoration and renovation services. Our property management division has tradesmen and contractors available so that we can come in when your restaurant is closed and clean up while making repairs!

We are available to fix or repair any issue related to your building. Before we begin, we’ll ask you for a list of items you’d like for us to fix or look at. From there, we’ll work on cleaning up your space while fixing any of the repairs including painting or drywall repair.

Property Management Services include:commercial power washing in Vancouver

  • Drywall Repair
  • Painting
  • Renovations
  • Parkade Cleaning
  • Garbage Removal
  • Window Cleaning
  • Window Repairs
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Power Sweeping
  • Pressure Washing
  • Rust & Stain Removal

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If you’re ready to schedule a free consultation for a restaurant cleaning or would like to speak about our property management division, contact us online or give us a call today.  We respect your time and would be happy to speak to you about your project.


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